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Jika saya beri makan kepada si miskin, mereka menyebut saya malaikat. Bila saya tanya kenapa si miskin tidak mempunyai makanan, mereka menyebut saya komunis.  – Dom Helda Camara


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  1. After seeing an close pal going trough a tough time due to a disease caused by using tobacco I made it my own quest to rescue as many other folks as possible from the exact same experience, however soon I realized that regardless how great your arguments are it is actually almost impossible to have a smoker quit smoking, not necessarily because your arguments aren’t good enough and not necessarily because the smoker is just not willing to stop but merely due to the fact nicotine is a more addictive drug than heroin and also cocaine (scientifically proven).

    Next , I realised there’s actually a method to quit smoking with out quitting smoking, thus leave a smoker his or her pleasure and also habit but preserve him from the dangerous effects of smoking.

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    P.S. Hopefully this will not be removed because of having a link to my web-site as I only attempt to inform and help.


    Chrissy M.


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